So you have a beautiful new site being developed and the launch is becoming ever closer. It is an exciting and nerve wracking time, especially if this is your first website. There are simple things that can be done prelaunch to propel your site into even higher heights upon launch.

SEO can start as soon as your domain is purchased by means of a landing or coming soon page. These pages are clever little things and have a number of uses. Coming soon pages help your site find its place on the web before it is even there. Giving thought to the key words used on the page will help it place even quicker. One of my favourite uses for the coming soon page  is capturing information of your soon to be users, get your data base populated before the site launch by grabbing simple information from your visitors i.e email and name, then keep them updated about the development and what your site will give to them. Simply by drip feeding small bits of information over time it can build anticipation for the launch without over saturating them. Share share share….. the coming soon page provides your business with a face that can be shared on social media reaching a much wider audience and it can be targeted at your specific demographic (if you have one). Get building your profiles and keep in touch with your audience.

Coming soon pages can vary in shape and size as much as websites can. I have seen some that are mini websites in their own right and I have also seen one page coming soon pages that simply and efficiently capture the user and get across what they have to look forward to.

Optimisation? We are in an era where things are expected to arrive yesterday. Gone are the days of waiting eons for your pages to load, ideally your homepage should load in 3 seconds or less. This helps reduce users from wandering to other sites and if your site has a cart for purchases it reduces cart abandonment. Waiting for a site to load to make a purchase can be like arriving at the checkout at the supermarket just as they are opening a new till just for you, or it can be like struggling with your baskets to find that every checkout has a row of people with overflowing trolleys and the slowest bag packers imaginable. If you had a choice where would you shop?

A study in 2012 by Brand Perfect found that 67% of all consumers blamed low page speeds as to why they did not fulfil their intended purchases.

Whilst your wonderful coming soon page is grabbing lots of data and potential client information for you, whilst your developers are busy writing their code and optimising every little detail, you can busy yourself with making sure that each and every page on the site will have content that is grabbed by the search engines. Of course your developers will help you with this but you know YOUR business, you know YOUR clientele and this knowledge is paramount when planning the keywords on each page.

Then finally when everything is in place celebrate! Think of a way to launch your business that will draw in your users. Everyone likes to feel like they are getting that little bit more, so offer the first signees/users something extra, a discount of free delivery on orders, a month’s free membership something to make them feel special. How else can the launch of a new website be celebrated?… have a launch party! If your site is a local based site reach out to your local people and share the great news, in which ever way best suits your business. Be inventive and cater for what your clients will enjoy whilst reinforcing the strength of your brand and how very great you all are.

There are estimated to be over 1 million websites live on the World Wide Web right at this minute. As the saying goes “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail” by giving a small amount of brain power and time to your project you can achieve the success you and your project deserve.