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Crew Availability

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Increasingly, the need for an online availability system has become more apparent. As crew members working in film and tv, we have collaborated and created this website. It has been in development over the past two years and we hope it will become an essential tool for all who work as freelancers within the industry.

The No 1 Site for Film

Share your calendar with industry professionals. Until now, there has been no ONLINE way of accessing specific film / TV crew availability!


Easily control and update your calendar diary. The Crew Availability calendar allows you to keep potential employers up to date with their calendar and will save productions & supervisors many wasted hours phoning / texting around to see who is available. You can test drive our system, you are not committed in any way.


24hr Access for all productions and department supervisors. Save hours of wasted time ringing or texting around to find out who is available. Retain the personal touch when booking staff by calling them to actually book, knowing that they are available to work.

Update your

As soon as you get a booking mark the dates which you are unavailable to keep your personal calendar updated.

Share your

Share the link for your personal calender to all of your potential employers and contacts keeping them up-to-date

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