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Maths Mate

Maths Mate

Your mates are the best part of school life and this was exactly the same for The Maths Mate and his best friend! No one likes to spend their time revising but it is essential to do well in GCSEs (especially maths) to set you up for the future.

Ever been stuck on a
maths question before?

Of course you have! So have we! Unlike other revision sites, each question comes with its individual tutorial video where the Maths Mate explains the full workings and methods along with exam revision tips!

Ever seen a
multiple choice
in your maths

No, neither have we! For each question we do not lead you into having 4 similar answers, we provide you with an interactive keyboard that allows you to fill in the answer like you would in an exam.

Want to track
your progress?

Yes this is essential for revision! As mates, we will help you track how well you are
doing and show you where further practice is needed through your personal dashboard. This allows you to share progress with parents, other mates and teachers if needed.


Well ask Maths Mate then! Message or send a picture of your workings to Maths Mate and receive a personal response with the specific answer you wanted!

The social
way to revise!

Access to tests that include 1000+ questions, each with an individual tutorial video of
the complete workings, tips and answers.

Allowing parents/teachers to connect with students through personalised dashboards which help track progress and indicate topics requiring more focus.

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