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The Nairobi Coffee & Tea Company Ltd was established in London’s Mayfair in 1925. Its founders, John Coote and Lt Col Russell Collings – Wells were adventurers, having spent time in what is now Kenya, running coffee farms in the early part of the 20th century, through adversity and danger. Their coffees, renowned even then, as some of the finest in the world, prompted them to set up a roasting facility when they returned back to London, to enable them to work with their passion for the virtues of these fine coffees.


The company exhibited at the Empire exhibition held in Wembley in 1925. This proved to be a resounding success with the public due largely to the quality of its product, and its commitment to excellence. The company grew from these humble beginnings to become one of England’s leading roasters of coffee today.

Passion for

The company has focused since that day on its passion for producing coffees of distinction and now includes a variety of origins in its product range, including some of the finest Kenyan coffees, as well as coffees from other African, South and Central American and Asian countries. In addition, the company boasts a range of exceptional teas to complement its offering on coffee.

Dedicated to

This emphasis on quality is still the guiding principle under which the Company trades. Dedicated and personal service and the provision of quality coffees without compromise are of prime consideration. So, too, is the continuous expansion and modernisation of roasting, blending and packaging capabilities – to service increasing demands.

Sound Practices

The company is also aware of the environment and the concerns over the world’s limited natural resources and encourages the use of environmentally sound practices, from the utilisation of organic growing methods, through to using state of the art catalysers in its roasting to reduce the impact of emissions during roasting, and the use of recyclable products.

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