face to face

In this day and age, where using technology to communicate is the norm, clients and businesses often automatically use this as an effective way to communicate. Sometimes never meeting in person at all.

I have spent many years working in the hospitality industry in a variety of settings including managing Race Course Boxes for gentry and many successful high end companies.  Whilst they entertain prospective and current clients I have observed in person the importance of face to face interactions.

Bonds are made during personal interactions that are not made during texting or emails. We have no control over these bonds, they happen automatically and are thanks to body language, expression and even hormones, in particular oxytocin*. The Journal Of Neural science have published a study on the effects of Neural Synchronization during Face-to-Face Communication http://www.jneurosci.org/content/32/45/16064.full, but as URTeam ethos is around not getting too technical we won’t go too far into the science of brain functions. Put simply, upon meeting someone for the first time our brains place a judgement on someone within thirty seconds. This first judgement is an important part of the foundation of all successful relationships, business or personal. If all correspondence is carried out through technology then this bond is never established in the first place.

URTeam believe strongly in meeting their clients and offering the personal touch. This benefits clients as they can get a better scope on the people they are trusting to carry out the work that could possibly be the basis of their future. It also benefits URTeam, as we can get a more thorough understanding of the client, what truly drives them in their project and what they are most enthusiastic about. These things cannot be displayed over email or text as they come from body language and personal interactions

Of course there are huge benefits to using technology for correspondence. There is a record of everything, exchange of information is quicker, there is no need to prepare for and attend a meeting each time information is exchanged. However seeing people in person means that each party has the others full attention, there are no distractions and full thought can go into the exchanges made. When sat at a laptop it is easy to simply send a reply to an email without giving it the attention it deserves.

When starting a new project URTeam will spend time meeting the client and building this relationship and trust with them. From start to finish we will strive to offer the most personal service we can. It is important for us to feel we are offering the best possible service and providing our clients with the best possible product. Successful customer client relations are key to achieving this.