Warming my feet for a good cause.

As part of URTeam’s work in the community/charity sector Susan took part in Clevedon Community firewalk to raise funds for Great Western Youth Theatre.

The firewalk was organised by Lloyds bank who brought in Guinness world record holder Scott Bell from UKFirewalk to host the event.

Pre fire firewalk
Pre fire firewalk. Just a pile of logs?

On arrival we were greeted by rain, wind and a pile of logs that looked pretty unimpressive. In the back of my mind I was hoping (not that I would have admitted it on the night) the awful weather would stop the logs from burning. I know a ridiculous thought! The presence of a fire engine should have been reassuring but it wasn’t.

Fire!!! Yes that is a fire engine in the background eeekkkk
Fire!!! Yes that is a fire engine in the background eeekkkk…….

Scott Bell and his wife Donna gave all participants an informative pep talk before the firewalk and then everyone lined up outside Clevedon Rugby Club. It was freezing cold and luckily the rain that was falling in sheets stopped long enough for all participants to do the walk. Scott checking the temperature and then telling us it was over 400 degrees was slightly unnerving but everyone was determined to give it a go and the crowd support was amazing.

"Don't look down, don't look down"
“Don’t look down, don’t look down” “oops”


In total £14,723 was raised for various good causes from the firewalk with a further £700 being raised on the night from the raffle and bucket collections Thank you to the organisers for giving everyone the chance to take part in this event (and to cross firewalking off of my bucket list).

Post firewalk. Smiles all round (Gin and Tonic in hand)
Post firewalk. Smiles all round (Gin and Tonic in hand)