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Website Trends of 2016 “degeeked”

URTeam believes that “degeeking” is an important part of website design for our clients. Understanding the various acronyms isn’t of benefit to the client; it just pointlessly complicates the process of having their website built. Building a website should be exciting and exhilarating, focusing on what the website can bring to a business, or for many the website is the main pinnacle of a new business idea.

In recent years website designs have become cleaner and as a result are a lot more user friendly. A common term I hear is funnelling, this simply means getting the user to where they want or need to be as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Time is precious and we all expect things to happen immediately, even going out of 4G reception to the slightly slower 3G causes me pain. By having a cleaner site, that is easier to navigate, time is saved and the visit to the site is more enjoyable for the user, thus encouraging them to return.

Growing Trends 2016…


These sites are clear, with all of the main information and messages on the initial scroll page. Many people access websites on mobile devices, wanting instant access to the information required as soon as the need arises, long scroll or one page sites adapt respond well to this without affecting the usability. The scroll page is usually broken into clear sections so it has the effectiveness of a site with multiple pages, with the ease of use of a simple finger roll on the screen. Don’t be fooled into thinking these sites are only good for mobile devices, the page design is often such that each area appears on a computer screen as a high impact area with the next high impact area just below.


If you use the internet today you will see card layouts in one form or another. They are an effective way of keeping the user’s interest visually, showing a whole board of headlines in picture format. Card layouts inside a website are useful for providing links to further bits of useful information. Everyone has heard the term “a picture says a thousand words” card layouts, if used correctly does exactly that.

Website Trends of 2016

Microsoft explorer’s effective use of CARD LAYOUT’S on their search engine page. ANIMATIONS. Humans instinctively use sight as their primary way of gathering information. Animation does not mean (as I did previously think) a cartoon animal on the screen, but an animation is an item on the site that moves.  Animations are an effective tool to keep the users interest focused on the site. It makes the site more interactive. Even a small animation whilst the page is loading keeps the user engaged. Animations come in a variety of forms and the sizes can vary to suit the requirement. As a mass internet consumer myself I find little interactive areas keep me entertained no end (a little sad I know). This sites moving heads are a prime example of a great way to grab the user whilst being informative.

Accountant Website Design

Uses for animation in websites are so diverse and a great way to add a bit of fun to something that could otherwise possibly be mundane, it is also a good time filler whilst pages are loading. Meaning the user has some visual entertainment therefore making the load time between areas/pages seem shorter.


Responsive design sounds pretty impressive eh, but simply put it means the site can be accessed effectively from a variety of devices. A non-responsive site will still work wonderfully on a larger screen but on smaller devices will lack smoothness and finesse.  These days I normally assume that a site will be accessible from all devices and screen sizes, but this hasn’t always been the case. Sites that are not responsive display the same on a smaller screen as they would on a larger screen, as a result there is a lot of enlarging and toing and froing to get information. This is frustrating and will often result in the user leaving the site for one that is more user friendly. The whole point of having a website is that it makes what you are offering accessible, so a non-responsive site can have a negative impact. I have included responsiveness in this article on trends as it is a relatively new functionality, despite that trends often come and go, responsive design is here to stay.

 There are of course further trends that should be discussed with your designer. Colour and dramatic fonts, alongside impressive images is a key tool in the initial grabbing of the users attention. This needs to be in line with your requirements as a business. Graffiti script could be great for a youth clubs ethos but would not be correct for a law firm or accountancy team. The trends above are a general website overview.

Trends change constantly inside each sector of business, this is why knowledge of your sector is important when developing your site. URTeam will carry out market research use the information gathered and work with you on your project to create an end product that is effective in every way.