Almost all the business people I met who wanted to develop a mobile app, to convert their so-called unique idea into the reality, were worried about opening discussing it with both friends and mobile app development. It’s not all of their ideas were game-changing. But, for a client, his or her idea worth several bars of gold and they want it to stay in the safe.

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In order to patent your mobile app idea, you first need to understand how the world of patent moves around. To be ultimate honest, patents are not easy. It takes a significant amount of time, energy, and patience to protect your tiny idea or invention.

Let’s see what it actually takes to patent your mobile app:

Question: Can I Patent an App

Answer: Yes, you can. However, you can’t claim on the code as it is already your copyright category. But, the complete mobile app package, including its working, concept, UI, and programming can be patented.

Question: Can I Patent any of My Mobile Apps?

Answer: You can file an application to patent any of your mobile applications as long as the same kind of application has not yet been patented. To check it, go to USPTO website, navigate to search section, and enter the pertinent keywords.

Question: What is the Process to Patent my Mobile App

Answer: The process start by submitting a provisional patent application. It’s comparatively a cost-saving procedure than filing non-provisional patent application. In the details field, fill a comprehensive description of your app and don’t forget to make the comprehension easy by using flowcharts, diagrams, and pdf. That way you secure a ‘file date’, means you are legally the first person with the idea in case things get into the court.

It is recommended to do this before the mobile app development bristol of your app begins. But getting into the patents is not recommended if the app you are developing is small, basic, and dedicated to representing your business because patents are a lot of work.