Note: Within this article we will mention WordPress, this relates to which is the Content Management System. This should not get confused with which is their hosted service. 

No matter what type of business you have or the website you are looking for it is extremely important that you have a great Content Management System or CMS as they are referred to. 

There are many different Content Management Systems in the market but for us WordPress is head and shoulders the best. Not only in our opinion is it the best but it’s been around for over 15 years and WordPress powers over 65 million websites. WordPress is loved and respected by start-ups, SMBs and some of the worlds biggest brands such as Coca Cola, Sony, CNN and many many more.

So let’s start at the very beginning, what is a CMS? Well a CMS is a dashboard that you login to like you would on any shopping site like amazon, ebay and so on and enables you to manage your website. 

CMS’s were created to enable non developers the ability to update and maintain websites without the need of knowing any code. So already you probably now understand having a  Content Management System that is simple and easy to use is very important to you and your business.

Manage Navigation(s) –  All the tools in WordPress are super simple to use, however this tool is amazing. All you have to do is add the pages you want in your navigation and then you can drag them into the correct order for your website navigation. It’s that simple.

Create Pages –  You have an area where you can view all of your website pages and from here you can click into any of these pages to manage and update. From here you can also create new pages to be shown on your website.

Create Posts – This is a similar area but for posts. Posts are areas of content or pages of content that go into other areas of your site. For example you can create blog posts or team posts that would fit into yout meet the team page or testimonials into, you guest it your testimonials page.

Upload Media – You can do this when you are creating pages and blog content but you also have a media library where all of your sires media is stored.

Manage Herro Banners –  First of all hero banners are the large images you see at the top of the homepage or internal pages, these can scroll and also be video. You are able to upload media, add content, buttons and link to pages within your site.

5 Reasons Why Choose WordPress

No 1.  Why wouldn’t you have the very best for your business?

As already mentioned WordPress has been around for over 15 years and is the world’s leading platform. With over 500 sites created a day on WordPress and powering over 33% of all sites online WordPress is by far the CMS of choice. With other platforms such as Joomla with a share of just 2.9% and Drupal at under 2% this really shows you how powerful and popular WordPress is for both developers and web owners.

According to W3techs, WordPress has over 55% of all websites that have a Content Management System, powering household brands such as Etsy, Walt Disney Company and UPS.

But that is only half the story WordPress is also growing faster than the other CMS platforms with a healthy growth  of between 1%-5% per year whilst other platforms are actually seeing a decline. 

Takeaway – WordPress are a market leader, extremely well established, a permanent fixture in the market and a platform you can trust for your business. 

No 2.  Other CMS platforms may let you down!

With consistent growth and as market leaders WordPress is getting stronger and stronger and improving its proposition year on year. WordPress with its open source environment basically ensures that WordPress will continue to be leaders in web technology and be more secure.

Take away – With WordPress everyone has the ability to have the very best CMS for their website, why would you even consider using a different platform?

No 3.  WordPress is open Source, what is open source?

One of the best features of WordPress is that it is open source. So along with WordPress constantly improving the CMS, developers can create custom plugins that can be installed into their website to create any site or feature. 

Take Away – The WordPress community enables developers, to search and share plugins that have been created which means there is a never ending catalogue of features and functionalities for your project.

No 4. WordPress is SEO friendly – Get found online

Google and other search engines love WordPress websites as the CMS has been developed to be search engine friendly out of the box (please see below). It is well known that WordPress websites tend to rank higher in search engines that other CMS platforms.

User Experience – WordPress has been created to work with multiple browsers and themes help sites to also be responsive on different screen sizes.

Coding Standards – WordPress continually update the code of the website to ensure inline with the search engines guidelines. 

Website Page Speed – How fast your website loads is extremely important to the users visiting your website but also the search engines. The site speed is influenced by your CMS and WordPress optimise to improve your load speed.

Image Optimisation – Search engines are unable to see images so WordPress enables you to label these so the search engines know what the images are, to help with ranking.

Social Media Integration – Social media has never been so important to your business, helping your website with visibility, outreach through to trust and authority. The WordPress platform makes social media integration super simple. 

Take Away – Further to this you can further optimise your website by installing 3rd party plugins. There are many types of plugins that will help and assist you improving your sites optimisation.

No 5. Easy to manage and keep updated:

We use WordPress for our clients for many reasons one of the most important is that the CMS is extremely easy for clients to use. This means that they can keep their website updated without the need to keep paying for a development agency to make changes to their website.

No 6. Website and CMS Security:

As a CMS platform WordPress takes website security extremely seriously. This is so important to them that they are continually updating its source code ensuring WordPress is a safe and secure platform. Developers and website owners can further secure WordPress developments by installing security plugins. These plugins can 

No 7. The world’s most powerful and totally flexible platform:

WordPress provides development agencies with an amazing platform to create any type of website. With the wide range of plugins and themes